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  • So Microsoft - you want me to use gmail now?

    So I got my windows phone. I had access to some early units and read a lot so I knew I was going to be pretty happy... and I am. I really like the people hub - with a few clicks it bought in my facebook people and my live messenger people. Where people are in more than one place you can link them and...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 02-22-2011
  • Comcast, I guess all the stories are right...

    I've had comcast internet for 5 years at least and I've always scoffed at those who mock their customer service. Really the only choice around here was DSL with Verizon (a company I think I have spent about a week on hold with in the past) or Comcast. In all that time I've suffered no serious...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 10-01-2008
  • Outlook or Vista not indexing? Check your power options!

    Over the past few weeks (months?) I've noticed my searches in outlook getting worse and worse for accuracy. Oven more odd the searches are always accompanied by the: "Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed. Click here for more details" When you click you...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 08-08-2008
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