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  • A whole new business plan

    Writing code for a living is a lot of hard work so I'm very pleased to share with the world a way to make a lot of money while just pissing off a few people. Create an ebay account Sell enough stuff legitimitely to get solid positive feedback and power seller status, preferably over several years...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 03-27-2008
  • Tell the truth Maxim magazine - you messed up big time!

    Back in the midst of the .com boom of the late 90s the internet was a truly wonderful place to visit for cheapskates like me. Everyone was offering 20% off coupons, people had pricing mistakes every week because they hired their nephew to do their eCommerce site and there was as much free stuff as you...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 10-26-2007
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