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  • Recovery

    Yes I know its over a week late... I'm a busy guy. Procrastination takes a lot of effort you know! So what happens after you run a 50 miler? Well right after the race I was moving around well. I got my own food, drink and walked around and stretched just fine. I even made plans for a celebratory...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 04-23-2010
  • What did you do on Sunday?

    Here's what I did: 4:15am - got up 4:20am - got dressed 4:30am - ate a bagel with some bacon 4:45am - drove to Mt Si High School 5:30am - went to the bathroom 5:45am - ate a energy bar and drank some Gatorade 5:50am - went to the bathroom again 6:00am - ran 50 miles in 11 hours 13 minutes and 30...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 04-14-2010
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