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  • Comcast - maybe not as bad as I implied

    Never let it be said that I'm not capable of admitting when I am wrong. After my last blog post where I wasted several hours on fixing up email when Comcast pulled the plug on port 25 I got a blog comment directly from Comcast . Initially I was very impressed when companies seek out problems and...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 10-06-2008
  • Comcast, I guess all the stories are right...

    I've had comcast internet for 5 years at least and I've always scoffed at those who mock their customer service. Really the only choice around here was DSL with Verizon (a company I think I have spent about a week on hold with in the past) or Comcast. In all that time I've suffered no serious...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 10-01-2008
  • A company worse than Comcast?

    I hereby declare that a new low has been reached in the "treat your oldest customers best" pricing strategy and the new winner after many years of Comcast holding the medal is Blockbuster . There are 2 pricing strategies that seem to work very well here in the USA (maybe in Europe as well too...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 12-20-2007
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