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  • Why won't my google account sync on windows phone 8.1? Try enabling the calendar.

    Boy 2012 since I last posted... I better do something about that. Lots of exciting things to report. Anyway I spent today at home with a poorly tummy so I decided to update my Windows phone to version 8.1 using the developer preview. . The first thing to note is that when you download the preview app it really is an app - it doesn't kick off ...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 04-14-2014
  • 30+ years in the making - The ZMan (in association with Exato Games) presents GunCraft

    Almost 7 years ago I quit Microsoft mid career to go out on my own with the hope of writing games. Its been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid but once of those things that I never really got round to doing. Since 2005 I've had many different projects - Microsoft timed the XNA release to coincide with my leaving which gave me several ...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 02-24-2012
  • Running with The ZMan 2011 edition

    Its been a while since I updated you about my running shenanigans (and for the record only Mr Clingerman actual ran the 5k with me and finished - though he did look a little green at the end). After my double marathon at the end of 2010 (hmmmmm I never did post a race report) I decided to back off the distances a little and just run ...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 01-05-2012
  • How to use an Xbox Live Gold code if you have a family account

    Since I occasionally need to test XNA networking with more than 1 gold account I upgraded to a family plan last year. Worked out great! J can have her own gold account and I can have 4 'testers' if I need. All for the cost of just 2 accounts. A couple of days ago Amazon had a great deal on 12 month gold cards. So I got one. When I ...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 01-04-2012
  • Wednesdays in the pub with Steve

    Its Wednesday night - I should be in the pub happy with a couple of pints and laughing at how badly we've done at pub quiz. But Wednesday nights are not going to be the same any more. Instead I'm sitting and home looking at pictures of a good friend who I will never see again. So I decided it was a good time to write down some memories. I ...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 07-28-2011
  • Interesting Microsoft DOES host domains on

    As I investigated the various cloud service offerings from Google and Microsoft I discovered that I was wrong. Microsoft will let you host your domain stuff on - see Just like google you can also link subdomains and have etc. Google still seems to ...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 02-27-2011
  • So Microsoft - you want me to use gmail now?

    So I got my windows phone. I had access to some early units and read a lot so I knew I was going to be pretty happy... and I am. I really like the people hub - with a few clicks it bought in my facebook people and my live messenger people. Where people are in more than one place you can link them and it magically keeps everything in sync. Very ...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 02-22-2011
  • Catching up, Kmart still sucks and Coleman is AWESOME

    I know, I know I've been all quiet of late. The news from the ZMan is that I started a new job at the end of last year that involves me going out of the house and working in an office during the daytime. Its messed with our schedules a lot and only now do I feel like I'm on top of some things. I can't say much more other than its an ...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 02-12-2011
  • Come to the MVP Summit and run a 5k - yes YOU!

    Back in the days when I worried about the lack of documentation in Managed DirectX I met a guy called Jason Olson who worked at Microsoft and was also interested in Managed DirectX and blogged about it at 'Managed World' - some of you old timers may remember it - heck he even has a link from that good old ZBuffer site ;-) Several of us ...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 12-26-2010
  • Dear KMart, you suck. Love The ZMan. xxx

    Christmas eve, J is busy making me a birthday cake and I finally have time to blog about my double marathon. But before Christmas starts and I have to be nice to everyone I need to rant about KMart and their terrible online service. At J's office they have a 'giving tree' type of thing. You know how it works - folk who are down ...
    Posted to Zman's Diary (Weblog) by zman on 12-24-2010
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