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Singing Jonathan Coulton while you swim across the lake.
So why would a fairly sane guy do such a thing. Well I could run a 5k every weekend and I'd probably get faster but to be honest I like the variety of trying new things instead. I've swum since I can remember but never was any good at the old...
TRI-ing it again [groan]
Those of you paying attention will remember last years triathlon at Lake Chelan . Well it was such good fun (well maybe the wine tasting) that J and I heading out there with some other runner friends for a repeat. Triathlons vary quite a bit. Seems like...
ZMan the Triathlete
Not content with the title of marathon runner and male gigolo this weekend after much swim training I finished my first triathlon. We travelled out to Lake Chelan on Thursday afternoon - a nice 3.5 hour drive over 2 mountain passes. For once I was a passenger...



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