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Yes I know its over a week late... I'm a busy guy. Procrastination takes a lot of effort you know! So what happens after you run a 50 miler? Well right after the race I was moving around well. I got my own food, drink and walked around and stretched...
What did you do on Sunday?
Here's what I did: 4:15am - got up 4:20am - got dressed 4:30am - ate a bagel with some bacon 4:45am - drove to Mt Si High School 5:30am - went to the bathroom 5:45am - ate a energy bar and drank some Gatorade 5:50am - went to the bathroom again 6...
New Challenges
Its official - with my 1st marathon of the year out of the way the resting is over and its time to find some new and interesting challenges. There are so many strange and wonderful races out there. August 2009. Swimming fun. Next week its time to start...
Posted 01 July 2009 10:51 AM by zman
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