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30+ years in the making - The ZMan (in association with Exato Games) presents GunCraft
Almost 7 years ago I quit Microsoft mid career to go out on my own with the hope of writing games. Its been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid but once of those things that I never really got round to doing. Since 2005 I've had many different...
Community Charity work
A couple of weeks ago inspired by George and Chris's efforts I asked everyone some questions about writing a book and got a ton of good feedback . Man everyone was so nice... its always a boost to the ego that even though I let
Writing a book ????
Every since XNA was released my visibility in the community has meant I get the occasional email or phone all about authoring a book. I've resisted for several reasons. Its a BIG time commitment and I don't have much of that The $$ return is terrible...
Fighting the addiction with code and paint
So this morning I clicked on my favourites link for the XNA forums - I'm still going to check the super secret MVP forum to see if there is anything important happening - and saw the 163 posts unread. I really had to fight the urges.... a couple of...
Announcing my forum retirement
Today I hit 6000 posts in the XNA forums and for now that's it... Posting in the forums is fun but I am spending far too much time in there. Heck I quit Microsoft to write games and so far the only ones I've completed are the starter kits for...
Posted 12 November 2008 09:24 AM by zman | 5 comment(s)
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Tidy Office
I'm not the most tidy person in the world and I am king of the procrastinators so its no surprise that working at home means my office is often a mess. Well recently I had to find more room on my desk so I finally caved and purchased a fancy double...
Florida sounds nice in June
Regular readers will know that I put some speculative XNA talks in for Tech*Ed - I biased the titles and content towards a more business audience which means I can still show off all the cool XNA stuff but hopefully the attendees won't feel bad about...
Posted 27 February 2008 06:29 PM by zman
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Speaking XNA at conferences
About time I blogged about something other than running or ranting! In my many years at Microsoft I spoke to lots of different sized groups from 20 up to I think about 250 and those folk who have met me know that speaking in public isn't something...



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