Why won't my google account sync on windows phone 8.1? Try enabling the calendar.

Boy 2012 since I last posted... I better do something about that. Lots of exciting things to report.

Anyway I spent today at home with a poorly tummy so I decided to update my Windows phone to version 8.1 using the developer preview. . The first thing to note is that when you download the preview app it really is an app - it doesn't kick off the update by itself you have to go run the app and then tell your phone to look for updates. Once I realised that it was smooth sailing.

Once I was updated I noticed that all of my google email accounts required me to login again to grant permissions - this worked great for 3 out of the 4 accounts but the 4th just get saying that it 'required attention'. Very strange - I checked the password multiple times. I cut and pasted from last pass. I type it in - yes all 16 characters of random gibberish. I tested in on the browser and my other machine. I even changed the password to make sure things were correct. But that one account would not sync. All of my accounts run on google apps - so I started looking at the settings to see what the differences were. The only obvious thing about the failing account was that I had calendars disabled. Once I turned that on then windows phone happily sync'd everything.

The annoying thing is that you can't disable calendar syncing until after the account is setup for the first time. So its going to keep failing and asking for your credentials and then failing again. If you are not the admin of your google apps then you are going to have a problem getting your email and contacts!

Published 14 April 2014 04:12 PM by zman


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