Running with The ZMan 2011 edition

Its been a while since I updated you about my running shenanigans (and for the record only Mr Clingerman actual ran the 5k with me and finished - though he did look a little green at the end).

After my double marathon at the end of 2010 (hmmmmm I never did post a race report) I decided to back off the distances a little and just run half marathons this year. But just a couple wouldn't be enough. So I decided to run one a month. 12 seemed like a nice round number.

But then one month I had a chance to run 2 becuase one was free and 13 didn't seem much like a good number so I found a couple of extra to run and finished the year with 15. When I look back at my running history I discovered that up until 2011 I had run a total of 14 half marathons. So in 2011 I ran more half marathons than I had run in total in the previous 6 years.

I was hoping that I would get faster as the year went on but it turns out that as my legs tired I became prone to some annoying minor injuries that forced me to take things easy in the latter half of 2011. There was one race I probably shouldn't have run but it was crucial to my 15 total so I sucked it up and them limped for 4 days. There was another race that was so hot I walked the final 4 mile lap and fell twice.

So whats the plan for 2012? Well I'm back to running marathons - well I have one planned for sure in May. Otherwise I don't have any goals for the year firmed up yet. You'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Count Date Race Time Comments
1 1/16/11 Arizona RnR 2:11:28
22/21/11 First Call Presidents 2:07:49
33/26/11 Lake Sammamish 2:00:51 Fastest run of the year... Soooooo close to breaking 2:00
44/17/11 Bainbridge Island 2:16:06 Hilliest run ever - legs very sore after this one
55/21/11 First Call Spring 2:08:29
66/5/11 Mud and Chocolate 2:32:54 Trail run
76/12/11 Beach to Chowder, Long Beach 3:16:11

Walked with J who had a bad back and should have done the 5k. Rained the whole way.

87/16/11 Windhorse, Bellingham 2:29:05 Smal but fun race. I believe I was actually the last runner in from my starting group.
98/21/11 Mud and Chocolate 2:59:23 Trail run. TOO HOT! Fell down twice
10 9/5/11 Labor Day Half, Woodinville 2:26:56
119/25/11 Black Diamond 2:15:14
1210/16/11 Race For a Soldier, Gig Harbor 2:15:22 Lots of great supporters out on this one
1311/6/11 Mud and Chocolate 2:52:13 Ran with bad ankle - bad idea. Walked last lap and limped for a week
1411/27/11 Seattle 2:31:00 Would have been sub 2:25 if women could pee in less than 4 minutes each...
1512/31/11 Yukon Do It, Port Orchard 2:23:00 Leg still stiff for 1st half but turned out to be a decent race in the end
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