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Running with The ZMan 2011 edition

Its been a while since I updated you about my running shenanigans (and for the record only Mr Clingerman actual ran the 5k with me and finished - though he did look a little green at the end).

After my double marathon at the end of 2010 (hmmmmm I never did post a race report) I decided to back off the distances a little and just run half marathons this year. But just a couple wouldn't be enough. So I decided to run one a month. 12 seemed like a nice round number.

But then one month I had a chance to run 2 becuase one was free and 13 didn't seem much like a good number so I found a couple of extra to run and finished the year with 15. When I look back at my running history I discovered that up until 2011 I had run a total of 14 half marathons. So in 2011 I ran more half marathons than I had run in total in the previous 6 years.

I was hoping that I would get faster as the year went on but it turns out that as my legs tired I became prone to some annoying minor injuries that forced me to take things easy in the latter half of 2011. There was one race I probably shouldn't have run but it was crucial to my 15 total so I sucked it up and them limped for 4 days. There was another race that was so hot I walked the final 4 mile lap and fell twice.

So whats the plan for 2012? Well I'm back to running marathons - well I have one planned for sure in May. Otherwise I don't have any goals for the year firmed up yet. You'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Count Date Race Time Comments
1 1/16/11 Arizona RnR 2:11:28
22/21/11 First Call Presidents 2:07:49
33/26/11 Lake Sammamish 2:00:51 Fastest run of the year... Soooooo close to breaking 2:00
44/17/11 Bainbridge Island 2:16:06 Hilliest run ever - legs very sore after this one
55/21/11 First Call Spring 2:08:29
66/5/11 Mud and Chocolate 2:32:54 Trail run
76/12/11 Beach to Chowder, Long Beach 3:16:11

Walked with J who had a bad back and should have done the 5k. Rained the whole way.

87/16/11 Windhorse, Bellingham 2:29:05 Smal but fun race. I believe I was actually the last runner in from my starting group.
98/21/11 Mud and Chocolate 2:59:23 Trail run. TOO HOT! Fell down twice
10 9/5/11 Labor Day Half, Woodinville 2:26:56
119/25/11 Black Diamond 2:15:14
1210/16/11 Race For a Soldier, Gig Harbor 2:15:22 Lots of great supporters out on this one
1311/6/11 Mud and Chocolate 2:52:13 Ran with bad ankle - bad idea. Walked last lap and limped for a week
1411/27/11 Seattle 2:31:00 Would have been sub 2:25 if women could pee in less than 4 minutes each...
1512/31/11 Yukon Do It, Port Orchard 2:23:00 Leg still stiff for 1st half but turned out to be a decent race in the end
How to use an Xbox Live Gold code if you have a family account

Since I occasionally need to test XNA networking with more than 1 gold account I upgraded to a family plan last year. Worked out great! J can have her own gold account and I can have 4 'testers' if I need. All for the cost of just 2 accounts.

A couple of days ago Amazon had a great deal on 12 month gold cards. So I got one. When I converted to family you get your gold months converted 2:1 - seems fair since a family plan costs twice a single gold account. I mistakenly assumed that a 12 month code would add 6 months to my family plan.

On Xbox.com you get the error "An error has occurred during the transaction. Please try again later". A totally useless error because no matter when or how you try it always says the same thing.

On the xbox itself it says "You cannot buy this membership while your current Xbox live membership remains active"

However I found a sneaky way around this that might help if you have less than the current maximum 4 gold accounts

  1. Make a brand new live and xbox live account using hotmail or some throwaway address
  2. Use the code to make the new account Gold
  3. Make sure the profile is on the same Xbox as your family plan
  4. Add the new account to your family plan

It will tell you that you get 6 months added to the family plan!!!

I've not tried yet but I believe I can remove that person at any time... there's limits on how many you can add or remove each year and how many months the account can transfer in but it just saved me $40 so I figured I should share the tip.

Oh and happy 2012



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