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Interesting Microsoft DOES host domains on live.com

As I investigated the various cloud service offerings from Google and Microsoft I discovered that I was wrong. Microsoft will let you host your domain stuff on live.com - see https://domains.live.com/default.aspx

Just like google you can also link subdomains and have http://mail.example.com http://calendar.example.com etc.

Google still seems to have the upper hand though with blogger and picasa which appear to be superior to Windows live spaces and Photos. Though otherwise the services seem to offer much the same. See Windows Live Services vs Google Apps

There was even something about cobranding your site login by providing branding and you can have an open site where you don't have to create accounts. I don't know if that means you can create a live enabled website trivially but it seems quite interesting.

But Microsoft - I'm still pissed at you for leaving me stuck with all my contacts in outlook so don't think this means you are winning any business without a fight. I'm moving a couple of unused domains one to google and one to live so I can compare and contrast and test with the new phone.

So Microsoft - you want me to use gmail now?

So I got my windows phone. I had access to some early units and read a lot so I knew I was going to be pretty happy... and I am.

I really like the people hub - with a few clicks it bought in my facebook people and my live messenger people. Where people are in more than one place you can link them and it magically keeps everything in sync. Very cool. Once I visit the phone store to get my contacts transferred I will have almost everyone in there.... ALMOST...

The bulk of my contacts are in Outlook. Sure some are duplicated on the old phone, facebook and messenger but the ones I can edit and keep up to date are in outlook. Surely Microsoft has a way to sync those... OMG NO THEY DON'T

Hey windows phone has a calendar - that would be cool to have in my pocket - how do I sync that from outlook? OMG YOU DON'T

Lets see what google says about this - it knows everything right: Survey says.....

Wow lots of choices there - and not one of them allows you to keep your master contact list or calendar in outlook. There's nothing that automtically syncs outlook to any of the 'cloud' services. I can import them but its a one shot deal. Maybe that would be OK as the primary store if outlook would then use that as its calendar/contacts list - but no thats an import the other way. Also I have my own domain for email so I really dont want to use hotmail or gmail.

Essentially the message from Microsoft here appears to be "we don't care much about the 10+ years of people and events you have in outlook if you buy a windows phone". Unless you want to pay for hosted exchange of course.

So now I begin the search for my 'cloud based' life... since google is the only one that will allow me to continue to use my domain with google apps I'm not really seeing much choice here. Hopefully some of you out there who enjoy the Microsoft lifestyle have a reasonable solution.

Catching up, Kmart still sucks and Coleman is AWESOME

I know, I know I've been all quiet of late. The news from the ZMan is that I started a new job at the end of last year that involves me going out of the house and working in an office during the daytime. Its messed with our schedules a lot and only now do I feel like I'm on top of some things. I can't say much more other than its an XNA game, it uses the Sunburn Engine and its going quite well. We have an early build due next Friday so I'm working lots of hours.

So while I take a little beer break from my coding I thought I would catch you up on some things:

  • The double marathon was completed 5:06 and 5:24 - my 2 slowest marathons 24 hours apart. So a grand total of 10:30 for 52 miles which implies correctly that it was easier to do than 50 miles in one go which took me 11:13
  • The weight loss did well and then Thanksgiving and Christmas happened and I put it all back on. We're planning a tropical trip later inthe year and clearly I need to fit into my speedos so its time to buckle down. J's on a no/low carb thing for a while so I joined in... boy its hard and we've had some interesting recipies with coconut and soy flour but I'm down to 228 so its working. A few more weeks and then we slowly increase the carbs back. Yes folks other than a few squares of dark I am chocolate free for 3 weeks now! (Thankfully not bacon free). I have however used up a few carb credits on beer
  • My Kmart return finally got a refund 9 weeks after the order was started. I had about 10 more stupid emails like the ones in that blog before 5 in one day finally meant they escalated to someone with authority. Its the worst customer support I have ever had. One day I will post the whole thread for you to laugh at. They did send me a $35 amex gift card which I will NOT be spending at Kmart. I doubt I will ever shop there again and I'm in half a mind never to use sears online as they are all part of the same company

Just to prove good customer service exists I would like to highlight Coleman - they make camping gear - we got some camping plates etc for Christmas this year. I opened the box at the time and all looked good. A week or so ago I decided to move the stuff in with the camping supplies and dicovered that one of the plates and one of the cups was damaged. Enamel everywhere. I enquired with Amazon (where they were purchased from) and they told me it was too late to return them. So I emailed Coleman to see if there was some way to get one plate and one cup. To my amazement they replied in under 12 hours, the email was clearly written by a human and didn't come from some database of customer support sentences and to finally blow my mind they offered to ship out an entire new set. No cost, no obligation to even return the previous one. All I had to do was send them some photos of the damage.

So ZMan says - screw KMart - buy Coleman!

...and have a nice day everyone. Its raining heavily here in WA!





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