Come to the MVP Summit and run a 5k - yes YOU!

Back in the days when I worried about the lack of documentation in Managed DirectX I met a guy called Jason Olson who worked at Microsoft and was also interested in Managed DirectX and blogged about it at 'Managed World' - some of you old timers may remember it - heck he even has a link from that good old ZBuffer site ;-)

Several of us that know Jason have often given him a lot of grief because he struggles to actually finish a game. Over design is a problem that many of us suffer from but Jason is, I'm afraid, a terminal case. I think he's still working on the API architecture and the coding standards for the first Xna3way ;-)

While those of us who call him a friend have given up on him changing and think he'll still be writing Tic-Tac-Toe in the old folks home we are all rather more impressed with his recent fitness and diet changes. Jason's a big guy - has been since the day I first met him - and this year he's done a solid job changing that. I think he's down 50lbs+ and working out more than I do - he even sounds convinced about eating healthy which is something I've never managed to do ;-)

A couple of weeks ago he dropped me a note asking about running a 5k and what I thought he should do to get there. I told him what I tell everyone - as long as you have a proper pair of shoes and you train for it then anyone can run a 5k (or 10k, half marathon or whatever you want!). I told him I'd happily run with him if he wanted company too.

Then Chris Williams (another 1/3 of the XNA 3 way) chimed in - he ran a 5k earlier in the year and was thinking about another. He'll be in Seattle at the end of February for the MVP Summit and a plan was hatched....

There's only one 5k the Sunday before the summit and its at Seward Park  - - Chris, Jason and I will be there and we'd be happy for any of you to come along too. Its the one on the 27th February - entry here.

Pretty much anyone without health or injury problems should be able to get to a 5k in 8 weeks - here's a very well known plan Couch to 5k that will get you there. There's plenty of others. All you need is a decent pair of shoes (those tennis shoes you've had for 5 years don't count - get yourself to a running store let them help you out).

If you are worried about being slow then don't worry - most 5ks have entrants from those who run the whole thing in 16 minutes to those who take over an hour to walk it with their kids or grandparents. Nobody will notice or care if you alternate running and walking if that's what it takes to finish. Save enough energy to run the last 100 yards because that's where your cheering friends and family will be with cameras and hopefully cowbells and honestly its amazing how you find extra leg energy when you can see the finish line.

So if you are coming to the MVP Summit, you live in Seattle, you know me, Jason or Chris, you've always wanted to run a 5k or you are an experienced runner who was looking for something to do that weekend then sign up and drop me a line. No obligation to run with anyone - go at your own pace and then cheer in those behind you. I'd recommend you sign up ASAP - I find $30 and a 2 month commitment to be a great motivator!

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