Double or Nothing

Another running blog post.... move along if that sort of thing bores you.

There are less than 5 days to go before my next crazy run. 2 marathons in 2 days. Saturday 26th I run the Ghost of  Seattle and Sunday 27th I run the actual Seattle marathon. The weather is not great in Seattle right now but the snow is supposed to go away by the weekend - we might have some rain but I can deal with that.

Like the 50 miler I'm not sure about how this is going to feel. The distance and time is still beyond what my body knows. The plan is to run a nice easy 5 hours for the first one. Thats 2 minutes per mile slower than my best and about a minute a mile slower than my normal everyday marathon speed. Then a cold bath, a very relaxing afternoon in front of the TV, a short stroll to see my local Xmas lights, another cold bath and an early night. On Sunday I have several running buddies along for the ride - they are hoping to run a sub 5 hour and I'm hoping to be right with them. Who is pacing who is the question and I'm humble enough to be dragged along if need be.

The weight loss has not been an outrageous success with barely 7lbs down instead of the 20 I planned. J did just force me (I was threatened with torture) to open some mint M&Ms so I probably put a pound back on already. So that's not going to help my cause.

When I ran the half + full at Disney I felt great until mile 16 in the full. When I did the 50 miler I felt pretty good until mile 45. So I'm expecting similar this weekend. One downside is that the Seattle marathon course hills are all after mile 18 which isn't going to help my case. The supporters have promised to be at several places on the course after that. I doubt there will be much lycra clad ladies to inspire me up the hills either - its going to be chilly.

Training has gone well again - no illness, no injuries and a nice taper that means that my legs should be pretty fresh.

4 weeks ago my biggest runs were a double half. I surprised myself by running a 2:10 and then a 2:13 the next day. The second race was half up hill and half downhill and though tired I was able to pick it up for a great finish. That made me feel pretty positive even though it was just half the distance.

So keep your fingers crossed and if you are local feel free to come and cheer... assume 5 hours with even miles and you should be able to guess where I will be at any time.

Published 22 November 2010 10:00 PM by zman
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