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New Challenge Accepted!

Well its done.. I am now signed up to run a double marathon at the end of November which will make me more of a maniac.

I had a little leg relapse after my previous announcement. My calf muscle decided that it had not had enough rest after the 50 miler and just went very tight. After various rest periods didn't work I found a massage place that was more PT than candles and oil and the masseuse beat my leg into submission. Weekend runs are almost all doubles from now until the race and my legs are starting to feel the permanent tiredness I remember from the 50 miler. I am already looking forward to my next weekend sleep-in on December 4th. This must be how people with kids feel except they have to wait longer than a few months!

The sign up form for the Seattle full asked how many previous races half or above - 11 halves, 10 fulls, 2 50ks and an 50 miler thank you very much. The Seattle full will be exactly 5 years to the day after my 1st half and by then the total will have increased to 13 halves and 12 fulls if all goes to plan. How time flies.

In other news clearly the pain of the 50 miler has passed. I watched a TV program about a guy obsessed with running and they showed him running a 100 mile race. My very broken instinct was to think 'that didn't look as hard as you would think - I could probably do that'. Still, I won't be signing up for that any time soon. It did look very hot where he was running and I don't do sunny races if I can avoid it.





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