How do you top 50 miles in one day?

52.4 in 2 days.

Its been a while since I qualified for Marathon Maniacs by running 3 in 3 months so its about time I graduated to the next level of insane. Running a 50 miler doesn't count because this is a club based around running lots of marathons. But if I can run 50 miles on one day surely 2 marathons in 2 days can't be so hard eh? Well that's my current logic and though I don't expect many of you to follow it that's going to be my plan for November.

As you can see from the crazy list 2 marathon in 2 days will take me from 1 star (bronze) right to 4 star (iridium). I think on top of the 50k training run and the 50 mile race a double marathon will be fine end to a my running year.

My legs seem mostly recovered from the 50 miler. Still some tweaks when I try to run fast which has got annoying but otherwise everything is working well. My training will have to ramp up to teach my legs how to run very tired the day after a race but I did several double runs in the build up to the 50 miler. As part of the training I intend to do a double half too which will be fun.

So Ghost of Seattle Nov 27th, followed by the real Seattle Marathon on the 28th is the goal. Then in December I rest (and eat).

Published 20 July 2010 05:07 PM by zman


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