Yes I know its over a week late... I'm a busy guy. Procrastination takes a lot of effort you know!

So what happens after you run a 50 miler?

Well right after the race I was moving around well. I got my own food, drink and walked around and stretched just fine. I even made plans for a celebratory drink even though the others were correctly skeptical. knew I had a blister on one foot - i had felt it burst at mile40 something. I had a little chafing on the inside of my thighs, but I've had worse. Overall pretty good for 50 miles and 11 hours.

Once we got in the car things started to go downhill as the euphoria wore off. My legs got very restless. Suddenly the front of the car seemed like a very small place - I wanted to stretch out so badly. Its only a 40 minute drive. I'm glad I wasn't driving. Once we got home I just lay on the bed for 20 minutes or so. Man that felt good. My legs were starting to stiffen up and I had no energy to get up and stretch. My feet were so hot - I got J to wet a towel and drape it over them.

Eventually I felt up to stepping into a cold bath and spent a happy 20 testicle shrinking minutes. My feet were still very hot and the water felt so cold that I couldn't dip them in at first. The fatigue of the day started to take over here. Getting up at 4am and running 11 hours apparently does that to you. Out of the cold bath and into the shower. I was actually more mobile now though bending over to wash my feet and lower legs was beyond me... thankfully I had a helper. At this point I realised just how tired I was and we cancelled the drinks. By 8pm I was back on the bed and after some TV I think I tried to sleep around 9.

But it was a restless night. My legs were not sore or stiff, but very twitchy and tingly. I guess all the muscles were busy healing themselves. I didn't sleep too well and when J headed off to work in the morning I tried to sleep in but that wasn't working.

Waking up was fun. My legs were very stiff and I couldn't straighten my right leg all the way which was new for me. I had decided to take the day off so other than blogging and emails I spent most of the day catching up on TV. As long as I kept moving I was fine. But even after 10-15 minutes of sitting down my legs started to stiffen up and the 1st few minutes of moving was hard. In the evening we had a 30 minute walk which turned out to be quite doable. The blisters were popped and covered, the chafing was covered in Vaseline and all was well.

Tuesday things were much better. I slept well and my legs were far less stiff when I woke up. I went to running class that evening and though I didn't run I still managed to do all the circuit exercises other than the crunches - who knew 50 miles used your abs so much!

Every day since then has been an improvement. My walking was back to normal by Wednesday, the chafing was gone by the weekend and the blisters are pretty much healed. I ran on Tuesday and Thursday this week and though my legs were tired they worked just fine. The right leg is still tight when I straighten it but thats pretty much it. This is good as I have a half marathon in less than 2 weeks... yeah that was a smart move!

I am reminded that the training I did wasn't just to prepare my body for the day, but also to teach it how to recover. Hard to image that 3 days after running a 50 miler there were almost no visible side effects.

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