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Its been pointed out to me that I am slacking off on blogging... so lets catch up on some things...

Kissy Poo has been doing very well. Our predictions were not high. Its a niche product on a platform dominated by grown up games and while we are quite proud of it we also know that its not done with high production values that most people expect. of course 4 year olds don't care about the production values but the folk with the credit cards often do. We passed Georges prediction of 500 copies at the end of December and sales were down to under 5 per day - it looked like it was going to be a long time before we hit my prediction of 1000. We'd run out of friends to ask to blog and tweet about it and were both busy on other things. Then we heard that Majors Minute was doing a kids game special because they asked us for the original footage of Georges son playing Kissy Poo - we didn't get any notification of if we were included for sure, or when it was going to be on. When it came out not only were we one of only 3 videos included, but thanks to Tennyson's cuteness we had more of the precious minute screen time than any other game. They don't keep the archives on the website so if you want to see it you will need to go to 'Inside Xbox' on your console, scroll over to 'More free videos' and then look in the Majors Minute archive for "Got Kids? Find fun games for them on your xbox". Looks like they keep 16 weeks on there so it will eventually roll off.

So what is the Major Nelson effect? Well here's a chart of the downloads and sales for January... lets see if you can spot the day the video came out!

Kissy Poo January Sales - Image Hosted by

As of yesterday the sales and downloads are almost back down to normal levels but its fair to say the additional exposure was worth about 600 extra sales and 1300 extra trial downloads. Thanks Major! George and I will have a beer and toast you.

Sadly none of this can be used to anyone's advantage. Its just about impossible to predict in advance what will be on the minute, there's no reliable way to get your game in front of the team that do it either. Even being an MVP didn't help much. It certainly meant that the XNA GS team know of our game, and it meant that they knew who to email for the extra footage but from what I gather the XNA GS team filmed far more than 3 games for the slot and the xbox/major nelson team made the final decision. We think that the cute kids footage probably helped more than anything.

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