This blog was supposed to be about writing game wasn't it... remember that. It was a long time ago when I quit the big M to write the next Halo. Well today I'm happy to say I'm a mere few week away from that. Yes that's right sometime in November I will be rolling in several million dollars as a result of my efforts. I do intend to get it in singles and put it on the bed if you are wondering and yes I'll post a picture.

Ladies and Gentlemen I proudly present KissyPoo:

[YouTube Video if you dont see it in your RSS reader:]

You may notice that this one isn't really going for the Halo audience ;-) Its targeted for young kids. We've had happy playtesters from 18 months up to 8 years old depending on the kids though the younger ones have the most fun (the older ones have been known to play only when they think people are not looking!)

It started off as a potential job for someone that didn't happen. George and I had already thrown together a very simple prototype so we re themed it and tired it with some kids. It was so successful we had reports of tears when the game was taken away. We knew we were on to a winner. So we tidied it up and put up a playtest version to get some feedback. We got a lot. Initially we rejected some of the feedback becuase it was obvious that the adults wanted changes the kids didn't even care about. But as time went on we ended up doing pretty much everything.

Georg's wife, Shawna, did a great job with the  graphics and the game looks so good as a result. The singing is all George with help from Songsmith and the sound effects are mostly his kids. Thankfully they work very cheap but I promise I will personally buy all 4 of them new bikes if we sell 100,000 copies!!

This week we put the finished version up for a 2nd round of testing. I doubt we will add/change any features now - just looking for bugs and bad things.

If nothing is found we will be going into peer review next week or so which means a release on xbox sometime in November. Its a peer review system so you can't predict an actual date.

If you want help: 

  • Become a fan of KissyPoo on facebook 
  • Blog, twitter, link, facebook... get the word out to folk with kids and xboxes
  • If you are a premium XNA creators club member you can get it here.
  • If you are a trial  XNA creators club member you can get it here
  • If you want to try a windows build get it here. Note that this hasn't had quite the testing of the xbox builds but it seems to work on most PCs. You can use the keyboard but a wired xbox controller works best (or wireless with the receiver). Sorry other gamepads/joysticks not supported.
  • And when the game comes out tell all your friends and buy it... its going to cost a grand total of $1 and its worth at least $1.22 so its a bargain

If you have any feedback be sure to email it to me

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