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New Challenges

Its official - with my 1st marathon of the year out of the way the resting is over and its time to find some new and interesting challenges. There are so many strange and wonderful races out there.

  • August 2009. Swimming fun. Next week its time to start swimming again but this time I need to build up to 1.5 miles to swim across the lake for the Park to Park swim. Not only will it be the longest I have ever swum but I will have swum across the lake which is very cool
  • October 2009 - my first 12 hour race. There's no fixed distance - you have 12 hours to go as many times around a 2 mile loop as you like. You can stop as often as you like, eat and drink whatever you like. I'm sure there's a very different attitude to dealing with this as the 'end' is so far away so the 'just 2 miles to go - that's less than half an hour' optimism goes out of the window.
  • Jan/Feb 2009 - multiple 50ks. Remember when I ran my 50k and you all thought I was crazy. Now I need to do multiple of them as part of training for....
  • April 2010 - my first 50 miler. Nuff said...

Its not all about new things there's still plenty of running in between that lot - and there's some races you just have to plan in advance...

  • December 2009 - Rock and Roll Las Vegas - well I've got to get my bonus medal after running Seattle Rock and Roll.
  • March 2010 - Disney Princess half marathon. The ladies have wanted to run this for a while in their princess outfits and apparently the men are going to get dressed up too. We have been given previews of the outfits but I'll leave that as a surprise. Who wouldn't want to do a race with 99% women AND a free subscription to redbook?
  • Sept 2010 - DisneyLand half - if you do a Disney event on the East coast you need to do the West coast one to get the bonus medal....
  • January 2013 Goofy Challenge/Disney Marathon as it will be the 20th anniversary of the marathon so we think they will do extra cool medals again.

That schedule means I need to pick 2011 or 2012 for my Rock and Roll year of many medals (as long as I can save up the money) and then hopefully I will run the Tahoe Triple one of those years... its been up there on my totally crazy list for quite some time now.

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