Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG Drivers for Windows 7

[Edit: Dec 2009: The download link below doesn't work any more.... Dell pulled it. However the issues I had were with W7 RC and by RTM it seems the in the box drivers work with the wireless card just fine. Sorry I can't help anyone who is having problem - based on the number of hits I see there are still plenty of you]


I have a 4 year old Dell laptop - top of the line at the time and still runs Shader Model 3 DX9 apps just great. I don't need another laptop but I still want to install Windows 7.

But Dell don't support Windows 7 on it - heck I'm not sure they support Vista on it and there's no drivers in the box for the Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG

So I tried the Vista drivers and they didn't work at all. A bit of googling found a post on a ThinkPad forum with a solution that worked but that post seems to have disappeared. Thankfully google has a cache copy for now so here's how to do it:

The solution is to get the XP drivers from here:*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng

Then unpack the download and then just choose update drivers from device manager and point to the unpacked XP drivers. All worked great.



Published 12 May 2009 10:31 AM by zman


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