Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG Drivers for Windows 7

[Edit: Dec 2009: The download link below doesn't work any more.... Dell pulled it. However the issues I had were with W7 RC and by RTM it seems the in the box drivers work with the wireless card just fine. Sorry I can't help anyone who is having problem - based on the number of hits I see there are still plenty of you]


I have a 4 year old Dell laptop - top of the line at the time and still runs Shader Model 3 DX9 apps just great. I don't need another laptop but I still want to install Windows 7.

But Dell don't support Windows 7 on it - heck I'm not sure they support Vista on it and there's no drivers in the box for the Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG

So I tried the Vista drivers and they didn't work at all. A bit of googling found a post on a ThinkPad forum with a solution that worked but that post seems to have disappeared. Thankfully google has a cache copy for now so here's how to do it:

The solution is to get the XP drivers from here:*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng

Then unpack the download and then just choose update drivers from device manager and point to the unpacked XP drivers. All worked great.



Published 12 May 2009 10:31 AM by zman


# J.P. said on 18 May, 2009 11:15 PM

Hmm 2200 should be the same drivers as the 2915 vista drivers and "should" work find on win7. I don't recommend the xp wifi drivers. Starting in Vista, windows has a native wifi driver model and can "speak" 802.11 to the device itself. However Vista or later drivers are needed for that. (Found via twitter...)

# zman said on 25 May, 2009 04:04 PM

I woud love to use Vista drivers... but nothing I found would install on my laptop. I'll hunt down 2915 specific drivers to see if it makes any difference.

Right now its XP drivers or no wifi for me so I'll take what I can get.

# dhika said on 25 June, 2009 10:59 PM

thanks,,my satellite m55 is not old enough for windows



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