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So the other day I wanted to send general feedback to Alaska Air and they made it so difficult that I blogged about it. As generally happens these days companies search for their names and try to help when they find a complaint on a blog so as you can see I got told my someone from Alaska Air to just go ahead and use the "Post Flight Comments" form and just ignore the sections about which flight I was on.

So I did and here is my reply.. (bold are my comments)

Dear Mr. Dunn, [How nice it seems so personal surely they read my entire post]

I appreciated receiving your email regarding enforcement of the carryon limitation and the new baggage fee. [Yes it appears they did - well at least they read some of the words] By taking the time to contact us, you have not only given me the opportunity to assist you with your concerns, but also to consider what we can do in the future to prevent a similar situation from occurring again. I sincerely apologize for your experience with Horizon Air. [Oh wait, no it seems that they think I am complaining about an flight experience - and where they got Horizon Air from is beyond me since I have never flown Horizon and yes they know that because I gave them my frequent flyer number. In reality this is Cut & Paste customer support paragraph #27]

Horizon Air genuinely cares about providing you with a safe, efficient, and friendly travel experience. We pride ourselves on our longstanding reputation for providing extraordinary customer service to our guests. Based on the circumstances you have described, it is clear to me that we have fallen short of expectations, both yours and ours. [Standard Paragraph #12]

In an industry where customer service is vital, we have always made every effort to provide exceptional service to our customers.  While we would ideally prefer to never increase our fares or increase and add fees, it is unfortunately unrealistic in this industry and in our economy today.  Given the price of fuel and the fact that commercial airlines are spending more money than they are earning, it is regretfully necessary for us to begin charging for some of our services that were previously free.  My sincere hope is that you will understand the position we have been placed in during this time, where airlines are going bankrupt and the future is uncertain. We will work diligently to maintain high customer service standards and, along with my sincere apology for any inconvenience you experienced,  [Standard Paragraph Special edition for the luggage fee increase because I mentioned that buzzword. Another totally missed point, I specifically didn't complain about the fee I complained about them not enforcing their own hand luggage standards...] I have taken the liberty of forwarding your concerns to revenue management for their review. [This is the only bit of the reply that I needed to hear, though I don't care that its 'revenue management']

Mr. Dunn, [Mandatory second mention of my name so I feel important] it is my sincere hope [Hope? I dont need hope - i need you to stop letting people with more hand luggage than what I just checked on the damn plane. I 'hope' to win the lottery one daythat your future flights with us will reflect the high level of service you have rightfully come to expect when traveling with us. We value your patronage and look forward to welcoming you aboard another Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air flight soon. [More blah blah blah that is supposed to make me feel good]


Customer Relations Specialist
Office of the President
[Wow what a fantastic title not only a SPECIALIST (at cutting and pasting corporate responses) but also works for the office of the president... I guess this means my email went right to his desk]

Do they seriously think that all that kissing up and obvious cut I paste helps me?  

Here's all I needed:

Dear Mr Dunn,

Thanks for the feedback regarding the enforcement of the hand luggage sizes. Alaska Air is so worried about losing market share we would rather annoy the few passengers that follow the rules than risk offending the majority of people who think that a hippopotamus will fit in the overhead bins. Rest assured that the only way to avoid this is to make sure you are one of the first on the plane so turn up really early. However we can't promise that one of our staff won't be overly helpful and remove your small bag from the bins and ask you to put it in your foot space so that the lady with the blimp sized purse can avoid 10 minutes when she gets to the other end.

Yes I know - fantasy land...

I guess there's always Southwest - do they still let the Pilots make funny announcements?


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