Ooops... ZMan accidentally enters the London Marathon

Yesterday I was reading how the new Virgin London Marathon site was having trouble handling the volume of people who want to enter the 2010 race. Its no surprise - the 2009 was on Sunday so there's lots of people feeling inspired - many of of which will probably live to regret their enthusiasm and many of whom will do something that amazes themselves. I visited the site and found that due to the time differences everyone in the UK was asleep and the site was running just fine.

So I thought I would check out the process for overseas folk. The main thing I wanted to see was if it was possible to enter more than one person on the lottery and get either everyone or noone enter. It would suck for J and me to both enter and then only one of us got in and had to watch the other. (Well since J has not done her first full yet it would suck more one way than the other)

Well there was no instructions so I just started through the process in the hope that it would tell me. As always I was expecting a final confirmation type of page but either there wasn't one or it wasn't obvious enough and suddenly I get a screen telling me that I was done..... Uh Oh... and here's the confirmation email too....

Now obviously running a marathon isn't a big deal for me (Seattle Rock & Roll will be my 10th 26.2 or longer) so it not that I can't do it. In fact its a race I would love to run one day. The real problem is that I was planning my 50 miler next April and I think doing a marathon 2 weeks later isn't advisable. Oh and it also will cost a lot of money in plane tickets. I'm sure my family would be happy for me to have a visit and it would be really nice for them to be able to come cheer me in a race for once....

Of course it is a lottery - last year there was 120,000 people in the lottery and 35,000 finishers many of whom get in through charity, club or fast time programs (I would need a 3:15 so that's not happening) so I am guessing that I have a 1 in 6 chance at best. So maybe this accident won't be a problem. Plus I think if you enter so many years and don't get in then they guarantee you a place so that's another good thing.

The lottery results are in October.

Interesting fact from Wikipedia:
"It is the only Marathon course in the world that is run in two hemispheres, both the East and West, as the full course crosses the Prime Meridian in Greenwich."

Published 28 April 2009 10:53 AM by zman


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