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We recently had my cousin and her husband to stay and you know what that means right? Yes it means its time for some DIY to make a bathroom we never use look pretty. Sometimes guys its best to just say "Yes honey"..

Paying someone to do all of this is outside the budget and J thought 'it might be fun' to do everything ourselves.

The guest bathroom has has precious little done since I moved in in 1999. The walls have had a coat of paint and I replaced the vanity, sink and taps during a remodel 4 years ago. However the new vanity was slightly smaller leaving a 3 inch gap in the lino and a rather messy patch job on the wall.

Here's the bathroom on move in day, and with the new vanity and the lino removed to assess the damage.

bathroom2 IMG_6383

After a very good class at the Home Depot we went and got our tiles and supplies and a very merry 3 weekends we had. I've heard you discover things about your partner during DIY projects - I learned my girlfriend is scared of the hole in the floor where the poop goes. According to my Latin dictionary this is called fecavusaphobia.

Mostly the tiles went down very well - I think we only miss cut about 3 so badly we had to redo them and mostly they were because I either can't measure or I measure one thing and then call out an apparently random number. J became very proficient on the tile cutter.

I got to use my tile saw that I bought 5 years ago and never used because the contractor offered to do it really cheap. I also got to use some towel rails etc. that I got for Christmas 15 years ago for a house I no longer own. Yes I've carted them around with me for that long. See how procrastination can pay off if you give in to it!

Some of the edges near the walls were not as straight as I would have liked but when you put the baseboard (UK: Skirting board) back on and apply a generous bead of caulk its pretty amazing how the mistakes are not even noticeable. There were some interesting cuts around pipes and the vanity that tested my limited carpentry skill.

We had plenty of the glass mosaic tiles left over - they come on sheets with backing so no we didn't lay each one - and J found a design on the internet that we adapted and made our own mirror. This is where I learned that just because she is smart enough to sequence DNA and cure HPV over her lunch hour doesn't mean she can do the math to mark the mirror design up on the plywood. She is better at designing things than I ever could be so I guess its only fair we share the other jobs and I get to do the divide by 2 stuff. Oh and I also learned that using a Dremel as a jigsaw is not a way to get a nice cut but it will work!

I had to remove the toilet and the seals inside appear to be original - they either disintegrated or were embossed on such that I had to scrape them off. I broke the head off the stop tap too so I had to replace that and rebuild the entire toilet. I'm amazed to say that it went smoothly, I had no bits leftover and there has been no leaks even 4 weeks later.

And finally I changed the light. I think there is only one original light left in the house now from when I bought it. They were all originally what I like to call builder specials. i.e. the house builder got a job lot of the cheapest lights they could get away with. The new light is very snazzy and best of all was on sale.

So here I present the final result....

IMG_6467  IMG_6470  IMG_6472  IMG_6473


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