The next big running goal

The lack of blog posts tell you 2 things:

  1. I'm busy catching up on work from having too many conferences in one month
  2. There's been no races to write witty little reports on

As I said I am taking things pretty easy this year after running 4 marathons and an ultra last year. I ran part of a 3 hour trail run relay a month ago and while letting a faster runner pass me I twisted my ankle very badly and it swelled up really quite nicely. Thankfully its only certain positions I can feel it so long slow runs have still been possible. Speed stuff still aggravates it 5 weeks later and even worse its weak so I keep retwisting it - sometimes bad enough to swell up all over again.

Coming up will be a nice easy half marathon in Tacoma where I will pace J and get my first half of the very cool medal which comes in 2 halves. Yes that means I have to run it again next year to get the other half. What a great sales tactic!

In June will be the inaugural Seattle Rock and Roll and my first full marathon of the year - the final course turned out not to be as nice as I hoped. The last half is run on I99/Alaskan Way viaduct which offers some great views for the tourists but if its hot offers no shade and very hot. Lets hope for some crappy June weather in Seattle.

Over the summer I'm going to miss the triathlons this year in the hope that I can afford to buy a new bike for next year - instead its time to improve my swimming and go over a mile with the 1.2 Mile Fat Salmon (J might swim the 3 mile for the 2nd time - see THAT'S crazy) and the 1.5 mile Park to Park swim across the Lake. Last time I swam a mile I was probably 16 and I breast stroked the whole way. I think it used to take me over an hour. For the Fat Salmon I need to swim the 1.2 miles in under 45 minutes which shouldn't be a problem but its right up there with running my 1st marathon for me. The Park to Park is even more nerve wracking - the other races are almost always close to the edge of the lake - as its name suggests this race goes right across. There's plenty of safety boats and stuff but its a long way without touching the side!

But I still need running goals to motivate me through the year so I've decided that next April I will run my 1st big boy ultra - A 50 MILER. Yes the 50k from last year is only 5 miles further than the marathon so it was merely a warm up. Next April I will go for the 50 miler at the Mt Si relay and Ultra. There's always the 50k to drop back to if I can't get the training in because its going to mean some serious training miles. This is a 19 mile increase over the 50k and almost 2 marathons back to back. Its probably going to mean running for around 10 hours which means eating 2 meals on the go - Mmmmmmm bacon. I did the 50k on the same course and I worked out that I will have run 35 miles before I hit the turnaround point at half way on the 50k. I'm sure there's another hundred OMG moments I will think of in the next 12 months. The training will involve several 50ks at the end of this year/start of the next.

Yes I know... crazy eh?

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