New Years resolutions

There's been no crazy races to report (though read this and this [yes folks that does say 150 miles] if you want to see that there are crazier people than me) so what else can I write about.

Well its still just about January and as is the tradition its always nice to have some goals for the year. You may think with all the running that I am good with goals, but that is more about team peer pressure, good training and financial commitment to a coach. Rest assured that left to my own devices I would still be on the sofa watching old episodes of The A-Team and Airwolf.

So what kind of fun resolutions should I have beyond the obvious lose weight (its healthier and I will run faster... ), work harder (I do love to procrastinate), actually finish a game (isn't that why I quite the big M) and be nice to the cat (even though she pukes a lot)?

Well I was running along the shore of the lake last weekend when some guy on a Jet Ski went by. Now I mostly think that they are noisy things, usually ridden by drunk idiots who don't spot swimmers in the lake very well but I realised I want to go on one. So thats my official resolution for the year:

In 2009 The Zman will ride a jetski...

Published 30 January 2009 04:19 PM by zman


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