Mr Skinflints guide to buying a KitchenAid

J has wanted a KitchenAid for as long as I have known her so this weekend we headed off to spend some Christmas present money.

After shopping around online we came to the conclusion that Bed Bath & Beyond with one of their very easy to find 20% off coupons would beat them all. The original plan was to go with the 5 quart professional but they don't carry those in the store. However turns out there is a $50 rebate on the 6 quart professionals at the moment.

So with a starting price of $399, 20% discount plus tax gives you an instore price of just under $350. Less the $50 rebate means a final total of $300 which is less than you can get a delivered refurb online.

Of course The ZMan doesn't give up that easily... not when there is a few more dollars savings to be had. I have a credit card that gives me 2% cashback at supermarkets so we nip across the road and buy $350 worth of Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards from Safeway. Oh and did I mention that every $100 worth of gift certificates you buy at safeway gives you 20c off per gallon of gas - 15 gallon fill up at 60c discount is worth having.

So final count $350 - $50 rebate - $7 cashback - $9 gas discount = $284. Original price is $399 + 9% tax. So we saved $151.

Now I just have to remember to fill the car up before the gas discount expires at the end of the month.

Published 29 December 2008 04:51 PM by zman
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