You know you are a hardcore runner when....

Andy running...after missing one training session due to the snow and being on the verge of missing a second you decide to walk over to the local school, flatten yourself out a 300m trail and then run 27 laps to get your hour run in.

Yes J and I were getting a little stir crazy and though I'm probably plenty fit enough to miss a couple of work outs and still run the marathon on the 31st I really needed to get out. We replaced Thursdays workout by a 2 hour walk but it was pretty obvious that day that the sidewalks were not clear enough to even attempt running. Last night dumped another 3 inches of fresh snow which had a nice crusty ice layer on top. The roads are fairly bad - drivable in the Outback if you really, really needed to get somewhere like the hospital but not really worth an accident just to find somewhere to run. And where to run anyway everything is much the same.

Our DIY running trailSo over to the school we went in pair of shoes #1 (I really need to get some new boots mine have big holes in them) though 6 inch deep drifts and then we walked 2 laps of the baseball field. 1st time we dragged our feet to break through the snow and second time we trampled it down as best we could. My Garmin says we have done .3 of a mile so its going to be at least 6 laps per mile.  The shoes are soaked so I switch into my running shoes and head off.

Thankfully I only had an hour and almost 15 minutes were used up with the 2 lap trail blazing. By lap 7 it was pretty packed down, lap 13 it started to snow again and lap 15 I took off my hat, gloves and fleece - it was actually too warm. My feet never actually got cold. The pace was pretty slow going - each lap took around 1:50 which is well over 11 minute pace. Here's some more pictures.... 


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