It doesn't matter who... customer service sucks

Yes AT&T and I am talking to you.

Lets start with the fact that if I walk into your store you expect me to pay for a phone and yet I can get the same phone for free, with a 2Mb SD Card and a car charger (and a free Xbox 360 deal which seems a little dodgy to me more on that next month!) at any of the big internet phone stores.

Then lets move onto who ask for SSN# to do the number ports but then won't let you type in a second number if you are adding a 2nd line. When you call the CS rep tells you that its impossible to merge 2 plans with 2 different SSN# into a single family plan. How odd when I call AT&T they tell me they can do it just fine. But no worries you got me off the phone in the required 2 minutes. I just put the order in anyway and Verizon and AT&T managed to work it out.

Back to AT&T now. J's number (which I had been told was impossible to port) has ported over just fine but 3 days later mine has not. So I pop into the AT&T store - ask the sales guy to copy the numbers from our old to new phones and get him the check into my port. He takes about 15 minutes to do the transfer which seems very odd and you can tell he's pissed because we are taking up his valuable commissioned sales time (note there were 16 sales staff in the store while we were there and about 4 customers!). Of course he doesn't believe me about the number transfer so he has to call himself to see which phone rings, then he turns my old phone off like that will magically make the new phone ring. Eventually he looks it up on the computer and tells me that its all fine - even though it obviously isn't and now he doesn't know what to do so he fetches another guy over. Now I am taking up 2 salesmens commission time and the 2nd one is smarter than the 1st. He plays with the computer for a few seconds and declares there is an error and I need to talk to the porting team and he is back prowling for suckers on the sales floor. Now you would think that the store has some hotline but no he dials the same number as I would, types in my number for me and then hands me the phone to confirm things. Of course the porting dept automated system thinks everything is OK so it kicks me to regular CS and a 20 minute wait. So I leave the shop thinking that neither of them had a clue and only cared about getting rid of me.

So Monday I call and go through the same process and after a short wait I get to talk to a lady who sounds like she is pretty bored with her job already that day. I explain my problem and she tells me I have to turn my old phone off. I tell her I have and so did the guy in the store. When she asks how long I tell her I don't know but maybe a few minutes and she tells me that wasn't long enough. When I point out that the battery died on Friday so the phone was off for 12 hours she tells me I need to remove the battery completely otherwise it won't work. I think she could sense the sarcasm and attitude in my voice at this point because she connected me directly to a lady in the porting department.

Who was AMAZING... she looks up the record, tells me that everything is showing OK and it should have ported (thereby proving the guy in the store lied when he said there was an error on the computer). So she resends whatever the magic is to do the port and immediately I get a text message saying the port happened. Then she called me on a 2nd line and my new phone (which I was using to call her) beeped for a second call. Most amazingly she did it with my old Sprint phone turned on proving all the other AT&T employees wrong too. Yes in 30 seconds this lady fixed everything that her dumb colleagues lied their way around rather than admit they didn't know.

I just hope now everything is working that I never have to go near an AT&T store or call their helpline ever again.


Published 12 December 2008 02:09 PM by zman
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