Fighting the addiction with code and paint

So this morning I clicked on my favourites link for the XNA forums - I'm still going to check the super secret MVP forum to see if there is anything important happening - and saw the 163 posts unread. I really had to fight the urges.... a couple of interesting posts caught my eye and I read them and resisted the urge to reply. I checked the mod forum and there was nothing new - the usual boring stuff. Requests for bans for the spammers (whats that you never see spam in the XNA forums? That's because the mods are VERY quick at deleting the posts and getting the account banned. Some of the best and most level headed mods about if you ask me....) and then..... I closed the browser. Yes I left 163 posts unread. Now I'm taking some deep breaths and blogging to get over it ;-) Depending on who you believe it can take 14-28 days of change to break a habit and believe me those forums are like crack to me.

Yesterday in the time I gained I painted some shelves that have been sitting around waiting for the last coat for a week. Major girlfriend points...

Today I am going to write some code... yes I have time to write code that isn't work related... but which of the thousands of ideas should I start with? Oh I know DBP 2009 entry.... you heard it here... next year The ZMan will have the winning game... 


Published 13 November 2008 11:09 AM by zman
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