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I've been called a skinflint and a tightwad many times in my life and while there are a few times I've over done it, in general I'm proud of my thrifty lifestyle - its enabled me to buy a house, quit my job and fly on zero-g planes without worrying too much about my day to day finances.

But I understand that not everyone has had good jobs or a mostly free education so I love to offer my friends and family my money saving tips even if they don't want to hear them.

Last month I came upon an awesome deal:

  1. Get yourself a cash back credit card and make sure you pay it off every month - especially ones where you get extra for gas, supermarket and, most importantly, drugstores.
  2. Head off to Walgreens at the start of every month and grab the coupon catalog.
  3. Note the FREE after rebate stuff.
  4. Buy the FREE after rebate stuff - special bonus if there is stuff your girlfriend would like such as nail polish.
  5. Fill in the rebate online.... yes no paper or stupid rules just type in the numbers from the receipt.
  6. Choose to get your rebate on a gift card and get 10% extra.

So lets say I buy $30 worth of free stuff. My credit card gives me 2% back and Walgreens gives me 10%. So not only do I get my $30 refunded I also made 12% pure profit. All the stuff I got for free is usable so this is $33.60 of free money. This isn't much if you have to go out of your way but I'm usually in a Walgreens once a month anyway so its really no extra effort. The only downside is that everyone else is onto this deal so they are often out of stock. Oh and this month there is bugger all of any use on the free list.... damnit.

Published 08 October 2008 02:19 PM by zman
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