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I'm not the most tidy person in the world and I am king of the procrastinators so its no surprise that working at home means my office is often a mess. Well recently I had to find more room on my desk so I finally caved and purchased a fancy double monitor stand from Ergotron as recommended by Mr Jeff Attwood. Now Jeff got his stands for free so as he says we have the right to be skeptical. Well I paid $200 for mine and they are worth every penny.

These things are seriously built very well - they have to be to hold a 21" LCD on the end of an arm. I assembled everything in under half an hour and I screwed mine through a hole drilled in the desk and now it looks like my 2 monitor setup is just floating there. The spring loaded arms are easy to adjust and much easier for me to move things around when i need to get behind. Plus they rotate easily so its very easy to play Ikaruga in portrait mode as God (choose a Deity that makes you happy) intended. The extra space underneath is going to be very useful for things I can not speak of!!!!

Oh and if the Ergotron guy who hands out free stuff wants to send me a 3rd one that will be very useful when I get myself a 3rd monitor..... you know who to email. (oh and if people want to send me that 3rd monitor and 2nd graphic card for free too that would really help out). The rest of you can buy one at Amazon and send me some referrer dollars.

New Monitor stand

While I am showing pictures of things I finally hung my XNA posters, my MVP certificates (with space for next year!) and my Procrastination poster:



Published 07 October 2008 03:51 PM by zman


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