Comcast, I guess all the stories are right...

I've had comcast internet for 5 years at least and I've always scoffed at those who mock their customer service. Really the only choice around here was DSL with Verizon (a company I think I have spent about a week on hold with in the past) or Comcast. In all that time I've suffered no serious downtime, didn't get bandwidth capped (I don't torrent so maybe that's why) and I've never had to call their support line.

So imagine my surprise today when I spotted all my emails piling up in the outbox and getting an error about not being able to connect to the server. I've seen this before, usually blame the email provider and switch to a different address while it gets fixed. Today ALL my outgoing emails - 4 accounts across 3 different email providers was failing. After half an hour of fiddling and googling I noticed that GoDaddy sugest using different ports if you have problems so I changed it and magically that account started to work. I hunted down alternative ports for all the accounts and everything was back to normal.

It seems comcast randomly turn off port 25. Its rumoured they monitor traffic and then block it, or they do sweeps across some servers or something. Either way they turned off a service without bothering to tell me. Nice, real nice.

If only FIOS wasn't provided by Verizon and if only they would publish the prices for FIOS and FIOS TV on the internet instead of making you phone up and talk to some sleazy agent..... and if only FIOS TV would work with my old analog DVRs.... makes you want to go back to a 56k modem and rabbit ears on top of the TV...

Published 30 September 2008 09:22 PM by zman
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# Comcastcares1 said on 01 October, 2008 01:19 PM

I apologize. I would like to help.

Will you please let me know the email address that is in questions?

Mark C.

Comcast Corp.

# malfunct said on 30 October, 2008 11:57 PM

FiOS TV should work fine with your analog DVR if you don't mind using the IR blaster to control thier set top box.

That said, and I know you are cheap, the Tivo HD is a wonderful piece of hardware and you should look to upgrade. Sell those analog DVR's off to someone that uses comcast or whatever and rent a couple of cable cards from Verizon. I'm VERY happy with FiOS and subscribe to all 3 services :P

Oh, and if those are series 2 Tivo's that you have, if you have multiple TV's and you don't mind recording in SD on the Tivo HD they should make wonderful externders using Tivo Home or whatever they call the network stuff.

BTW Tivo, Tivo desktop has made my 4 yo son VERY happy. And for those TV networks that don't think that commercials are valuable on the 2nd or 3rd watching, you are wrong as my son's christmas list will attest. And verizon hurry up with those other two cable cards, my wife really wants the 2nd tv connected asap.



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