Stealth Pruning

Once a week The ZMan likes to head off to his local pub for a pint and a pub quiz/triva night. Since its close and I want to avoid drink driving I walk there but its got to be a bit of an obstacle course lately. The nice summer weather has encouraged many blackberry bushes and other greenery to grow across the sidewalk (pavement). Now The Zman is very good at keeping the sidewalk outside his house clear but sadly not all my neighbours are so good.

So on Wednesday I took a pair of pruning shears(Secateurs) with me to the pub and then on the way home I removed anything that was withing my head height.

So neighbours - if you found some branches had 'fallen' from your tree late at night maybe you should take a hint and keep your yards (gardens) clear for those folk who choose not to pollute the air and walk on occasion.

Now if only I can find a way to convince the local electric company to fix the street lights so I can see what I am doing on the way home.

Published 19 September 2008 01:57 PM by zman
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