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For those of you worried about my lack of marathons lately fear not - the best is yet to come.

The year started by running my 5th Marathon and 5th half marathon back to back at Disneyland. This is still the hardest thing I've ever done. Then just to make sure I was really crazy I did a 50k. Then I took some months off. I've still been training but for nothing major. So what else is coming for this running stud. Well this week is going to be somewhere around the peak of training for the year ending craziness - Andy's goal to be an official maniac.

There's this club in Seattle for people who run lots of marathons called Marathon Maniacs. These are the sort of people who run 50 a year, sometimes in 50 different states. People who run 50 mile races just to warm up for the 100 miler the week after. People who make me look like a normal sensible runner. Not anyone can join - no you have to prove your level of maniac. The easiest level requires you to run 2 marathons in 2 weeks or 3 in 3 months. I would have thought that the first option was the easiest but given the Disney experience and some good advice by coach N I am actually taking the other approach.

So October 12th Victoria, November 30th Seattle (for the 2nd time) and December 31st Last Chance Marathon. My birthday is December 30th so I will have to give up my usual birthday beers for that final race!

Its going to be an interesting ride. I hope to scrape under 4:10 in one of those races in my slow, slow climb to breaking 4 hours. But which one? I had assumed the 1st one when I am fresh but it turns out that might be the road to ruin - tiring me out too much for the next 2. But will I have anything left by December? And the normal 2-3 week recovery is going to not happen as I will have to up my training again in between each one.

So as always watch this space for stories of lycra and other humorous tales from the marathon.

Published 17 September 2008 03:11 PM by zman
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