Using LinkedIn as an email collection tool

Thanks to Holly Carinci and Jack Weatherell over at The Elans you might find it a little harder to make it only The ZMan's LinkedIn contact list.

I'm not 100% sure how Holly ended up on my contacts list, I dont recall meeting her and she's not in my address book so it may have been one of those 'Hi there I'm in the industry requests' that I used to allow in if they seemed interesting.

But in the last month I've had 6 unsolicited emails about the Elan awards. As I've mentioned before I give out a different email address to each company I work with and so it's pretty obvious that they are using the one they got from Linked In. Today they sent me 3 so I was forced to send them a reply asking to be removed from all of their lists and also removing Holly from my contacts.

I can't find anything on the LinkedIn user agreement that forbids people from using contact information commercially in this way (though as always 90% of that agreement is legal gobbledygook) so I am guessing they don't care.

So I have been and removed several 'friend collectors' from LinkedIn and I'm down to people I have actually met, or spoken to extensively online. I'm also a little worried about the groups now as the owners get to see your contact information - not sure if everyone else does too.

So if you DO know me well enough (i.e. you worked with me, chat to me about XNA/DirectX or other game development related things) then feel free to invite me: Andy Dunn (aka The Zman) on LinkedIn

Oh I'm on Facebook too - but thats for personal friends only. Don't be upset if I ignore your request - I have too many people sending me stupid plants for my garden as it is. Andy Dunn (aka The ZMan) on Facebook.


Published 15 August 2008 01:22 PM by zman
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