Hey web pages designers quit moving the focus...

I've noticed a recent trend of web pages that set the focus control to a sensible place but do it after the 3-4 seconds it takes their page to load. This means that if *I* have already moved focus you steal it back from me.

Live login is the prime offender. The page displays, I click in the password field because my email address is already there and half way through my typing the webpage finishes loading, fires the Loaded event and the stupid jscript moves the cursor to the username field and I type most of my password for the world to see. Bad enough at home but worse on my laptop somewhere.

So web designers - The ZMan says enough:

  1. Make your pages fast enough that they load and fire the event quickly. Heck if google can do it I'm sure the rest of you can make things a little more minimalist. I know this means you arguing with those people who don't understand technology and think that a web page is "the same as a magazine" but your job is to make my life easier.
  2. Check to see where focus is. If its NOT where you expect then do nothing - it means the user already did it
  3. Just stop it - we lived for years without this, it won't kill us to press tab.


Published 08 August 2008 02:59 PM by zman
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