Network Solutions - why do I hate thee?

Its not just because they think there is something special about domain registration that they can charge more than anybody else. its because every time I have had to deal with them they treat you like they are used car salesmen.

I'm helping a friend transfer a website and domain and I suggested that he use godaddy for the registration and the hosting since its a nice tidy way to do things at a great price. However this meant dealing with Network Solutions. To make sure all the emails went to us I logged into the NS account and changed the contact details to my friend. Immediately NS locked the account because this is 'suspicious'. Even though we had all the right credentials they lock it down for a MONTH.

So now when we try to transfer to GoDaddy even with the right transfer code NS refuse to do the transfer. We can either wait 30 days or, no surprise, we can call them. Of course calling means sitting on hold for a long time and then when you get through you end up talking to salesmen who want to do anything rather than let you go. No surprise suddenly the registration price is a lot cheaper and they will kiss your ass until you give in. This doesn't help since we have already paid GoDaddy to do the transfer. Even worse they can't take the lock off until they 'escalate' which can 'take up to 3 days'.

The REALLY stupid thing is that requiring the phone call doesn't provide any extra security - I've already used the credentials to log into the site and update everything so there is nothing they can ask that wouldn't be available to someone who was trying to steal the domain. SO its pretty obvious why they do this.... retention of customers... sadly its having the opposite effect because it just further convinces me never to use their services and to tell people I know of their craziness.

Published 31 July 2008 01:09 PM by zman


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