Honest People and Dishonest People

2 years ago I lost my wallet. I wasn't 100% sure where I lost it but I had been to 2 parks in the Seattle area. There was less than $50 in there but it did have my drivers license and my green card so I was a little concerned. After half a day of retracing my steps and talking to park rangers I gave up. A couple of days later I went and got a replacement license but found that a replacement green card was $300 so I decided to put that off for a while. A week later I get a phone call from the park service - someone found my wallet in the bottom of a trash can in one of the parks. All the paper money had gone but the ID was still intact.

Of course this meant that I now had 2 valid drivers licenses. They have the same number on them and the dates mean they are both still valid. It turns out its handy to have 2 copies. I can keep one in my wallet and take the other with me for ID when I go running.

About a year ago I did exactly that - went for a run and since I needed gas I took my credit card and tucked it in the pocket with my ID. After I got home all I had was the credit card. The license must have fallen out when I took the card out to pay for gas. I called the gas station and nobody had handed it in. Since you can't actually cancel your license I just had to suck it up and watch out for an ID theft which thankfully never happened.

Today I got a nice letter from a chap at the Seattle Sheriffs department with my missing license. Yes a year after it went missing a postal worker found it in a mail box in front of the gas station where I guessed I had dropped it. I can't believe its been floating around on the ground for a year so I am guessing that somebody found it and dropped it in the mailbox a year ago. It must have dropped to the bottom and was only found eventually by a postal worker who looked carefully.

So to the person who stole my money 2 years ago - YOU SUCK

To the person who found my ID, the postal worker who handed it in, and the police officer who mailed it back to me - YOU ROCK.

Published 31 July 2008 12:57 PM by zman
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