Phonebooks are a waste of paper

I just got my new copy of Dex and it went right into the recycle bin. What a waste of money charging advertisers (I'm pretty sure all the yellow page directories are paid for by ads), chopping down a few thousand trees and paying some guy a lot of salary and gas money to drive round the entire town delivering them. Internet usage is fairly prevalent these days so it seems that its about time for phone books to become an opt-in service. Print them for the people who want them.

What's really sad is that the French worked this out many years ago by giving people a free 'online' terminal to access Minitel in exchange for not getting the white pages.

They didn't even bother sending me the small phone book which at least has the advantage of fitting nicely in my car. Yes I know I contradicted myself there but while I am pervasively online at home I'm so far resisting the urge to be online the rest of the time by paying an addition $30 a month on my phone. Bad geek!


Published 14 July 2008 08:29 AM by zman
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