The luck of the British

Yes I know its supposed to be the Irish but I'm not sure what is lucky about a country famous for a Potato Famine. While the big data drive was in the freezer I booted up the server to see what shape the rest of it was in and to my surprise I found that I was so lazy that I had left the databases in their default location on the C drive. So I have lost none of my databases.

This evening I headed off down to Frys to get some new storage hardware. I got a 1Tb Sata hard drive for $199. That's just amazing to me... I remember paying 3-400 pounds for a 10Mb hard drive for my Atari ST in 1990 and I never filled that up.

To solve the problem of backup up the backup machine and to keep a safe copy I also purchased a external 1Tb drive for $189.

Took no time to get them installed. Now I need to find some software to do backups. I don't care for image based ones - I just need something that copies files. I suppose I can do it with a robocopy script but that sounds like more work than I want when I'm sure there is a shareware product out there. I used Second Copy 2000 for many years so I should give their new version a look see. All I want is some UI and a tool that only copies updates and doesn't steal too much CPU or disc time.

The final bit of luck was opening up the music folder and realising that due to some (Vista?) magic the folder was marked for sync which means that all my ripped music was actually stored locally somewhere too. A simple copy back up to the server and that was all fixed.

So all I lost was my old backups - no problem since I dont need them and have a new one now - and the ReplayTV movies which are not important... maybe those will show up on the frozen drive in the morning.


Published 28 April 2008 10:03 PM by zman
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