Retarded dog owners

Just because your dog responds to 'sit' when you are sitting quietly at home with a treat in your hand does not mean your dog is trained well nor is it 'under voice control'. So when you take your dog to a park please follow the city law and keep her on a leash. Yelling "Sally" in ever increasing volume for 5 minutes while you stand totally still really doesn't work and makes you look stupid. Maybe running after your loose animal would help your over sized American butt too. I'm sure the responsible dog owners with their pets on a leash really appreciated the welcome your dog gave theirs, I'm sure the parents of all the kids on the swings really loved your dog going to visit them - I know your dog is friendly but not everyone likes dogs and lots of little kids are scared of them. But worst of all there is a major road less that 50 yards away from where your dog was aimlessly trotting around ignoring you. Some of us have no desire to see an accident or a dead dog - but I guess I guess your lack of a leash indicates how much you care for your animal - you can always get another one eh? I hope you get a ticket! Of course then you would write a self righteous letter to the local paper whining about your constitutional rights and the Geneva convention being ignored and how the police should have better things to do. I forgot... YOU are more important than everyone else!

Published 05 March 2008 02:37 PM by zman
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