OH NO - Chocolate the ZMan won't eat!!!

I'm a chocaholic - I'm proud of it. I think I'm at least the 3rd generation in my family. I think nothing of eating entire blocks of chocolate* in one sitting until I feel sick and then finishing it anyway. That's just how it is with an addiction. I can't even be trusted with my stash of English chocolate - it is hidden at my girlfriends place and she provides rations. Yes I am weak and I know it.

So this weekend while in San Francisco she arranged a trip to Scharffen Berger chocolate factory and other than the rainy walk there it was a wonderful time. Of course I bought some supplies home with me including the quite intriguing 99% bar (no I only bought a smaller bar). Sure it says its for cooking only but it wouldn't be the first time I ate cooking chocolate when there was nothing else in the house and ITS 99% so it must be good right?

WRONG... its hard to describe what is wrong with it. It smells right, it looks right but there is only a vague and unpleasant chocolate taste. I liken it to drinking a really really dry wine and wondering how a liquid can make your mouth pucker up like that.

Since I had grated quite a bit off and it was expensive I insisted on eating it all even though I scrunched my face up through out. In the end I decided the lack of sugar was the issue and added some confectioners sugar (icing sugar for you in the UK) and sure enough that was a big improvement. So I'm thinking I need to make brownies and hot chocolate with this and see how it turns out.

So the ZMan has a limit - its somewhere between 82% and 99%...

* when I say chocolate I am NOT referring to anything made by the Hershey company.

Published 27 February 2008 12:02 AM by zman
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