How to be obnoxious at Disney World (part 2)

  1. If your kid is sick make sure you take them to the parks and teach them about sharing
  2. Just because all the other kids are in school doesn't mean you can't save some money and go to Disney in January - its FAR more important for your kid to see Mickey than get an education and you can annoy all the adults who thought that January might be fairly kid free.
  3. Let your 6 year old push their own stroller through a crowd even though they can't see over the top
  4. Make sure to keep your 5 year old up till 10pm - its VERY important that they see the fireworks and that YOUR vacation isn't spoiled. Sure they may cry all the way home on the bus and annoy the adults but at least you got that picture with Donald.
  5. If you kid hates rides with water and/or drops then use aversion therapy and make them ride it. The other folk in the boat love hearing him scream all the way round.
  6. Once your kid is over 14 you can let them run around the park on their own with their friends and push into all the lines - think of it as an example of how well you parented for the last 14 years.
  7. When you are in a busy resturant use the table next to you for storage so that nobody else can sit there.
  8. Instead of standing in line just send dad to stand in it while you go to the restroom, eat some food, go on other rides - then at the last minute your entire party can push their way to the front.

Before all the parents out there chime in I should say that a lot of parents do manage their kids well... but there are just too many people out there that don't.

Published 28 January 2008 08:01 AM by zman
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