How to be obnoxious at Disney World

  1. Don't walk in a straight line - if you weave about it will increase the amount of walking you do.
  2. If you feel like stopping JUST DO IT. Don't bother checking behind you as the surprise will just add to the Disney magic
  3. If you see a space to watch a show just shove your way through and don't look behind to see if there are 20 people sitting down watching the show. By standing right in front of them you ensure they have to stand up just like you even though they got there 20 minutes before you did
  4. The following instructions apply to everybody but YOU:
    • Do not use flash photography
    • Move all the way to the end of the row
    • Do not park your stroller here
  5. If you have spoiled kids then remember the whole park is there just for their entertainment - all the other people are insignificant.
  6. If you can get your family to the front of the line by getting someone old or over weight a rascal scooter then do it. It doesn't matter if their are 20 people in your party and you can walk to the ice cream shop when nobody is looking.
  7. If you get grandpa a rascal scooter then don't bother checking if they took his license away for reckless driving - all the other folk will think he's cute when he reverses into Mickey Mouse.


Published 15 January 2008 09:30 PM by zman
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