The day after

Yesterday I did something crazy so its only fair that today my body gets to pay me back. However thankfully it appears to have taken pity on me.

After the race I came back and took the obligatory ice bath - that's 4 in 3 days! Walking has not been too bad. Going down stairs is slightly painful though which is tough on the Disney buses. Last night we all went to downtown Disney and walked around for about an hour. All the runners appear to be doing very well but toward the end of the evening I was getting a little sore. My foot injury from December survived the race but is aching a little just to remind me that it wasn't QUITE better and I need to stop running on it for a while. I am giving it ice packs whenever I can and taking Ibuprofen. Slept really well - no surprise after 2 early days and 39.3 miles.

Today I went for a bit of a swim and walked around the hotel. In the afternoon we went to Magic Kingdom for a few hours and it was about half an hour too long I think. By 7pm my foot wasn't happy but I was good enough to walk over to meet my friends for the celebratory dinner. The sit down was enough to get my foot recovered and hobble back to the bus for the hotel. All in all I think I'm doing pretty well after what I put my body thought. Some more ice on the foot seemed to calm that down and I am off to bed for final sleep deprivation recovery. Fingers crossed that all will be well on Tuesday and I can enjoy more of Disney world.

Published 14 January 2008 10:01 PM by zman
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