Iced nuts!

Well I just got out of 15 minutes in a bath with actual ice in it! Yes Coach REAL ICE!

The cold water in the hotel is tepid at best - so after a few minutes in that J decided it needed something extra. After 3 ice buckets full didn't make a dent in the temperature it I filled up a plastic bag and dumped that in. You could actually still see the ice floating as I took over (no there is no room in the ice tub for 2!) for my 15 minutes.

So now we are just sitting around waiting to see how long it takes us to get tired. We have to get up at 3am so no matter how you look at it there is not a lot of sleep tonight.

In less crazy news Disney have this wonderful thing called frozen coke which is like a slushy made of coke and its wonderful stuff... since they wouldn't let me take my precious Gatorade on the plane this will make a great replacement tomorrow.

...and then I do it all over again. 0.7 miles (warm up run) down 39.3 miles to go!!!!

Published 11 January 2008 06:13 PM by zman
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