"You are more than friends, but not quite lovers!"

Chris is in town for a 4 day code-a-thon but since I'm not an official part of the xna3way gang I just popped along to help out and record some choice bits of British dialog for their game. Since it was Chris's birthday we headed down to gameworks and what a sorry mess that has become. Seems like the home console market is hitting the last surviving big name arcade pretty bad. Half the machines are gone from my last visit, there is a whole room full of machines that print little photo stickers with anime chicks, several machines that are 100% in Japanese (though the drumming one was quite fun) and the bathrooms look like they have not been updated since 1963.

Jason and Chris played "lets go jungle". Its a rail based shooting game where various big bugs and spiders attack you. One person plays the male lead and another the female lead - check the video out for the characters. Mostly a standard game but as you play I noticed that if they both managed to shoot the same thing a little heart appeared. Then at the end of the level you got the usual score screen where it totalled up the monsters you had killed and gave you a shot percentage but then up came their compatibility rating!! Yes while you shoot the rampaging bugs and watch your tour guides get turned into spider food you are somehow expected to sync up your shooting to see how compatible the characters are. Only in the crazy world of Japanese video game logic does the love/passion angle come into such a game. After level 1 Chris and Jason were 52 percent compatible and this meant they were "more than friends but not quite lovers". Interestingly enough after another half a level when they died they were up to 63% and "lovers but in name only" whatever the hell that means.

I'm pretty glad I burned through my last points so I never have to return to that place. Jason burned through his points by proving to me that you CAN win on those claw games! He's quite the stud with those machines - probably because he spends so much time hanging around at Chuckie-Cheese - well until they got the restraining order anyway.

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