SuperBad - the title *is* the review

This year I didn't go out on New Years eve. Now that I am old I can barely stay up till midnight let alone start partying then. So I rented a couple of movies. SuperBad and The Simpsons movie. Simpsons was actually better than I expected - its hard to take a 30 minute format and extend it to 90 minutes but they did a great job with lost of classic Simpsons moments. But SuperBad - well that was the other way round. I think they had enough material to make a hilarious 30 minute sitcom and they extended it by having the characters do some kind of adlib type dialog and swear a lot. I'm really not sure if they scripted every word or told the actors to pretend they were in some kind of high school reality show but it really annoyed my old man brain. The adlib type dialog might work in The Office but it was just annoying here. Oh for the record 'Knocked up' wasn't funny for similar reasons... I think this particular crew needs to go back to sitcoms where they were all very funny. Maybe hold off the movies for a few more years eh?

Published 03 January 2008 11:24 AM by zman


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