Zman is 40...

It finally happened.. on December the 30th The Zman turned 40... sorry I didn't blog until now but I was a bit hung over as you can imagine.

I am very happy to inform you all though that after some very careful research I have discovered that due to inflation 40 years old is no longer considered old. In fact you now have to be 52.78. With a bit of luck I will stay behind the inflationary trend and never actually be old.

In honor of my birthday J put on a little geocaching treasure hunt for me which was fun. My family had sent embarrassing things like baby photos and school reports for the caches and of course the final treasure was our favourite local pub where all my friends and a cake were awaiting me.

Here's a picture from the end of the night that you can all play 'make up a caption' with:

Another drunken night and Andy has scored again!


Published 02 January 2008 05:32 PM by zman
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